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Mother and Daughter

Bad things can happen to good people. M.A. Wright Consulting is here to help transform your credit profile back to reflecting who you REALLY are; not what you've been through.  

We are a full-service credit repair and restoration company that also provides remote notary services and personal consulting. 

Hi, I'm Nia,
also referred to as "Miss Approval"

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Since 2013, you have known me for my dedication to assisting clients, with credit challenges, in obtaining new and pre-owned vehicles. After 9 years, I am shifting my focus to help you break out of the bondage of bad credit, gain financial literacy, and build a foundation that can weather any storm that blows your way.  

What Can I Do For You?

Credit Restoration Services

Coaching, Credit and Financial Literacy Education

3-Bureau Audit and Analysis (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion

24/7 Client Portal Access to view results, compare reports, etc.

Step 1: Consultation & Audit

We will schedule a call with you to cover our program, your future goals, answer any questions, and determine if credit restoration is a good fit for you.

During this call, we will go over your report from all three bureaus and create a plan of what items we will dispute. We dispute and request an investigation of all accounts that contain inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, or obsolete information.

Step 2: Program Enrollment

If you determine credit restoration is the right path for you -- the next step is enrollment! We will send over documents for you to sign explaining our process, your rights, and start the on-boarding process within your client portal!

Step 3: Our journey begins

Once you have finished enrollment and onboarding, the work begins! Your first round of disputes will be sent out (3) days after enrollment. The bureaus have 30 days from receiving your disputes to respond.


Your client portal will be refreshed every 30-35 days to reflect all updates from the previous dispute.


From there, we 'rinse and repeat' every 30 days until you are satisfied and cancel or all items outlined during the initial audit have been challenged. 

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